Countus Internationaal toernooi


The location of the tournament is our own training accommodation. The adress is Haaksbergseweg 26, 7151 MA Eibergen.


Subscription fee

€ 60 for the first weight class

€ 50 for the second weight class

€ 40 for the third weight class

Free afterwards

€40 in case of only a Youth team




The weigh in will be on individual scales. There will be several possibilities for weighing during the course of the tournament.

Thursday May 9: 15.00h – 20.00h in the evening.

Friday and Saterday morning. Between 07.30h – 08.30h


Friday and Saterday:

07.30 – 08.30 weigh-in

08:00– 08:45 stamping, shoes check, anchor check

09.30 start of competition


Catering prices

Diner Thursday (09-05) (18.00o – 20.00h) €18,-/p.p.


Breakfast Friday (10-05) (07.00h – 09.00h) €14,-/p.p.

Diner Friday (10-05) (18.00h – 20.00h) €18,-/p.p.


Breakfast Saturday (11-05) (07.00h – 09.00h) €14,-/p.p.

Diner Saturday (11-05) (18.00h – 20.00h) €21,-/p.p.


Breakfast Sunday (12-05) (08.00h – 10.00h) €14,-/p.p.



Traveling by plane

If you travel bij plane then the best advice is to fly on Schiphol and then take the train to station Hengelo. You can by train tickets in forward or at the airport Schiphol. More information you will find on From train station Hengelo it’s an option to hire a car or a bus.

Transfer from and to the airport / competition area / sleeping and dining facility will NOT be offered!

Only on request we maybe can arrange some transfer.

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